Our Counselors

Our Counseling Team consists of full-time staff members as well as contractors who give some of their time at reduced rates.

Don’t underestimate the LPC-Intern status. These professional are not students. They are well trained, educated and have passed the required state and/or national exams. You can learn more about LPC-Interns here.

We have a well rounded group of professionals who can help with a wide variety of daily or extraordinary struggles.

Our Counseling Staff:

Ashley Akers, M.A., L.P.C.-Intern
Supervised by Lauren Smith, MA, LPC-Supervisor

Steve Bell, MA, L.P.C.

Cindy Burns, MA, N,C.C.,  L.P.C.

Bryan Crusius, MA, L.P.C.-Supervisor

Pamela Dunn, Ph.D., L.P.C.-Intern
Supervised by Bryan Crusius, M.A., LPC-Supervisor

Milena R. Sam, MA, L.P.C.

Jed Harris, MS, L.P.C.

Stacy Hyde, M.A., L.P.C.
Director of Counseling Services

Kyleigh Johnson, MS, L.P.C.-Intern
Supervised by Dr. Brooke West, LPC-Supervisor, RPT-Supervisor

Patricia Keaton, MA, L.P.C.

Steve Long, LCSW

Helen Meyer, MA, L.P.C.

Jennifer Misigaro, Masters in Biblical Counseling, L.P.C.-Intern
Supervised by Robin Rice, LPC-Supervisor

Mary Reid, MA, L.P.C.-Intern
Supervised by Lisa Galliano, LPC-Supervisor

Lauren Smith, MA, L.P.C.-Supervisor