Our Youth Programs help young people strengthen their Emotional  Intelligence, which leads to creating better  habits, making wiser decisions, strengthening positive  relationships and leading happier, healthier lives. We encourage parents and guardians to look at counseling as a way to help young people enter and journey through adolescence with the tools they need to succeed.

Our counselors strive to teach young people good coping and decision-making skills to help them make healthy choices instead of harmful ones.

Individual Counseling

Counseling Fees fall on a sliding scale, depending on household income and ability to pay. Please call 469-283-0242 to learn more or schedule an appointment.

After losing a good friend to suicide, I knew my son needed help, but I never thought my son would bond with a counselor like he has. This place is a Godsend.  — Mother of a Teenage Son

I noticed a significant improvement between my son and me after seeing a counselor a just couple times. My son handled chores without attitude, and we got along better overall. — Father of an adolescent son who came for help with parent-child conflict


Be You!

This 4-week therapeutic group provides an emotionally safe environment for teen girls (ages 12 – 16) to share common struggles, problem solve, and strengthen. Topics include Self-Esteem, Self-Worth, Peer Pressure, Impact of Social Media and more. Groups meet on Thursdays from 6:00PM – 7:30PM. (Participants may bring snacks/drinks.) Groups will be small in size, so please reserve your spot now. We’ll launch our first group on January 12 and participants will meet for 4 Thursdays. Cost is $20 per session ($80 total). However, if cost is a challenge for you, please contact us about a scholarship or reduced fee. We want to provide this much needed support, and we don’t want money to be an obstacle. To enroll or get more information, email Ashley Akers: Ashley@counselingplace.org. Or call 469-283-0242 and ask to speak with Ashley.

Project Positive

This 5-week group course focuses on emotional intelligence. We start by telling young people how to take back their brains! Seriously, we provide them with basic information about how the brain reacts to stress and real or perceived threats. We also help participants learn how to improve their ability to recognize and manage emotions, make better decisions, understand the power of practicing gratitude, and develop habits that result in leading happier lives. What makes this course better is that tweens & teens attend with a parent or guardian. Young people and their adults usually strengthen their relationships and increase their understanding of each other after attending this course. (Available in Spanish.)

What Teens are Saying about Project Positive:

“The best thing about this course was that I learned how to be positive about life.” 

“You go through the material that really matters and you gain insights from others.”

“I would recommend this course because it made me closer to my mom.” 

“This was helpful in helping me understand my parents.”

“This class helped me see the small things about life and how to manage [it].”

“The best thing about this course was that I learned how to be positive about life.” 

“The best thing about this course was spending more time with my mom.”

“The best part of this course was bonding with my son and learning more about him.”

Other Group Courses

The Juvenile First Offender Program consists of a 5-week course and complete community service hours instead of entering the juvenile justice system. The course curriculum covers the same topics found in Project Positive.  Referrals come from the Richardson Police Department and other municipal courts. This program has a set fee. Participants referred by the Richardson Police Department who are experiencing financial difficulties may request assistance with the course fee.

Alcohol Awareness Program for Minors We provide the state-certified course for minors cited for possession,  consumption or other alcohol-related offenses. The course fee is $70. Contact Lorjon Ali, who oversees our youth programs, and she will email you the enrollment form. Her direct line is 469-872-1211 or email her at Lorjon@counselingplace.org.