cropped-TCP-Logo-color1.pngWhat Is The Counseling Place?

The Counseling Place (AKA The CP) is a non-profit agency focused on helping people improve their lives. We do this by teaching our clients skills and providing emotional support to help them make their lives better.  We offer crime victim advocacy, professional counseling, educational groups, and support groups to individuals and families, with hopes of making our community stronger. Over more than thirty years, we’ve helped thousands of domestic violence victims establish abuse-free lives, families recover from a loved one’s death, students deal with aggressive “bullies,” and couples give their relationships a healthy boost. We help a wide range of folks with a variety of struggles, yet the techniques we use all center around strengthening Emotional Health and Emotional Intelligence. And as a non-profit organization, we can offer these services at exceptionally low rates.

How do we do it?

A partnership with the City of Richardson supports the majority of the services we provide. Additional funding comes from our special events and donations from corporations, organizations, federal and state grants, and contributions from individuals like you. You can help us do the good work we’re doing by making a donation or by shopping through Amazon Smile.

Not sure about this counseling business? Think of it this way:

Our cars work fine, until they hit a pothole, get overheated, or simply have traveled too many miles.  Then, we take them to a professional mechanic.  Our bodies work fine until we pick up a cough, break out in a rash, or turn an ankle trying fancy kung fu moves.  Then, we seek professional medical help.  Our lives work fine until our family is difficult, we feel stuck in a rut, or we can’t figure out why we aren’t happy.  Then, …what?  It seems that the only thing preventing people from seeking a professional for help with their emotional health is that stubborn stigma about professional counseling.  Counseling is much more than the clichéd image of lying on a couch and crying your eyes out.  Counseling provides you with an objective person, licensed in the mental health profession, who (1) listens to you, (2) shares some reliable ideas with you, (3) does some strategic planning with you, and (4)  helps you stay on track and/or holds you accountable.  Want your car to run better?  We can’t help you there.  Need a medical doctor?  Don’t call us.  But if you need help with things that are affecting you, or your family, or your job, come talk to us.  We will help you figure things out. You don’t even have to lie on the couch or cry your eyes out, unless, of course, you just want to. Give us a call.

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  1. Sarah Yonamine says:

    It’s a wonderful resource and I never thought I’d need it but I did…I am so thankful you were there for me and for others too….What a blessing!!!! Thank you soooo much!!!!!

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